Tuesday, 17 December 2013

How to avoid your website form being hacked.

Avoiding your website being hacked. There are lots of things you need to keep in mind to ensure the safety of your website as there is a lucrative business of hacking website and then using them as a way to do blakchat seo by creating thousands of spam links on your site pointing to a illegal or bad website to make that site go up in the search engines. Make sure that you dont just download anything that is free and then stick it on your web server as most free stuff from most websites can be infected and will add bad code to your site which in effect creates loopholes for the hackers to hack your site and create these spam websites. Wordpress themes and plugin which are free is a big target for hackers to use as many people will try to download premium themes for free on warez sites and then for them to later get hacked because these free themes had hidden code.. dont bother... you can get legit free themes that are just as good and are clean over on word press.org anyway so no need to go risking everything just because you got a dodgy free theme... remember you dont get something for nothing. I have since read that hackers and these blackhat that compile these hacked link networks can make big money which means they are now everywhere so be warned... the greedy swines dont care if they destroy your websites to make some quick cash seoing churn and burn sites.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Annoying webhost

A host that i use really are getting on my nerves I have another blog where i discuss design and other stuff! But the webhosting account has been suspended for no reasons and the website has been replaced by a advertisement back to the webhost and a brief message saying account suspended. Its stupid how dare they! They dont own my domain so why are they allowed to now use it to advertise. They haven't even told me via email that they have done this.. it was only trying to go on my website that i found this had happened! Stupid cheap scammer hosts! I say you should all be cautious with what webhsoting you get as there really are a lot of scammers out there!

You might be intrested to know about height increasing insoles!

Gain height.. how? Height increasing insoles. A while a go i went out and bought some elevator shoes to make me taller.. i only wore them for a couple days until i went back to my normal shoes.. the elevator shoes where uncomfortable.. and really expensive.plus you could see exactly what they were elevated shoes! you could tell with the higher heel. But recently i tried again to boost my height but this time with some height increasing insoles instead. Much to my astonishment and surprise height insoles where comfortable to wear and i could put them in any shoes i want at any time. I decided to try them because i found them whilst browsing the internet! Anyway i really advise you try a pair. in my opinion they are far better than elevator shoes and nobody has guessed why i have gotten so tall too!

Internet marekting is boring

Internet marketing is so boring? I must say that internet marketing and seo is by far one the most boring things in the world. It is a uncreative and shallow job. I guess thinking of original ideas to promote your brand is the only positive...... I think that brand creating and creating something unique on the other hand isnt boring! And that is the path marketers should take rather than the shallow approach of trying to be a pushy salesperson!

Do follow and no follow links

What are do follow and no follow links.. Well put simply do follow links are the standard kind of link that have no no follow tag added to them. These kinds of links mean search engines bots will see them as editorially valued by the website owner as a kind of vote towards the website that is being linked to.. this in effect passes link juice to the linked website helping boost its page rank and authority. The no follow links however are links that hold no editorial merit. No follow links aren't bad but aren't quite as good as do follow links. With no follow links you do not give link juive and help boost page rank or authority of the linked site. Notes about do and no follow You need a variety of do and no follow links in your link profile to ensure your link profile is natural No follow links do not pass link juice to the linked site. No follow links are needed in cases such as advertorials or in blog comments and or forum posts as user submitted links aren't considered of editorial value. No follow links are still good to tell you search engines what the website being linked to is about.. ie through anchor text and context of article.

About the blog!

About my blog.. I thought seeing as i just jumped straight into blogging and haven't written a introduction to my blog i thought id do just that in this very blog post today! Hello my name is cheryl! I have written this blog to help people out and not stress! This blog is kind of a mix between all sorts of different things really.. there really isn't any agenda to this blog. I hope that you may find some stuff out on this blog which may help you! If you do be sure to share it with your mates please.. Thanks :)

Internet marketing to the next level!

If you are a new business and you want to be known worldwide the internet is the fastest and easiest way to do this. You can create in theory a brand over night and this brand can spread fast.. very fast. One of the ways people try to get their website seen is via search engines....... All this is very boring but you have to know about it if you creating a good well known websites. SEO is against search engines guidelines because your effectively gaming the search engines to rank your website above others.... beating their algorithms..... BUT REALLY THE PEOPLE WHO RUN SEARCH ENGINES ARE JUST NARCISSIST FREAKS WHO DON'T REALIZE THAT ALGORITHMS CANNOT PROPERLY DETERMINE A SITE QUALITY. Anyway search engine optimization is a greta way to get to the top of the search engines and fast... what seo evolves is:

Keyword research finding the best and high traffic keywords to target
Keyword density... a natural amount of keywords used on your website

Building links.. this is where the search engines start shouting at you. search engines dont like you building links because they are genuine.. search engines use links to determine where to rank you (or one of the factors at least). High pr website are the best ones to get.. as these help to boost your website up the most because they are trusted by search engines.

Where to get seo services?

It is best to get local seo company's to work for you.. by search for your town and seo at the end or front.. for example: Sheffield seo by searching for Sheffield seo you will get tons of local seo company's.. some good and some not so good.. but the reason why you should get local seo company's rather than international seo company's is that you can more easily monitor what they do.. set up a good contract and speak to them face to face!

Any way I hope this help you kick start your website on the internet at least!